5 Valid Reasons Why More Men Should Follow Yoga

5 Valid Reasons Why More Men Should Follow Yoga

Yoga is one of the fabulous art forms of workout that has an amazing effect on physical as well as mental health. Consistent practice of versatile asanas in yoga has proven to be beneficial and is loaded with tons of advantages.

It has a life-changing effect on people and they are always driving towards an optimistic path in their life. But, most western cultures as well as yoga teacher training in Rishikesh in India is driven by women. If you are a guy and still wondering if yoga is for you and not, let us tell you it has some wonderful benefits of yoga for men that will make you want to rush to the mat, stat.

Yoga, for the longest time, has been considered as a gentle art form that men tend to steer clear of. Since this workout is more relaxing and less intense, men used to be in a dilemma if yoga is their thing or not. Cut to 2020, there has been a substantial rise in as men are dipping their toes in this form.

Now, if you are someone who is still confused and continuously looking for reasons to start yoga.

Here are some practical answers on why yoga is the best thing for you especially for men:

  1. Yoga Helps In Overall Well-Being

For a major change in your lifestyle, especially if you have a sedentary one, yoga is highly recommended for you. It promotes physical and mental well being and you will definitely experience a shift in your pattern. You will be calm in most of the situations and your sleeping pattern will improve too.

Besides that, you will save time during the session. How? since yoga is already relaxing, you don’t need to repair your muscles with the cool down process.

  1. Yoga Makes You Lose Weight

So, you have tried lifting weights and still, you aren’t losing any weight after spending a whopping amount of time? Here’s the trick. The reason why yoga works is that it brings mindfulness and makes you eat, sleep and change your lifestyle in a way that everything starts aligning on its own.

It is good for your internal organs which helps to give your overall body an instant boost, increasing your metabolism rate. It will stop your craving from eating junk and sugary food items so you can be assured that you won’t be tempted towards it.

  1. Yoga Eases Injury & Pain

If you have severe body pain and in spite of taking several meds, it is not fading, try yoga. As compared to strenuous activities, yoga tends to work better since it is light. The asanas decrease the risk of further injuries as it stretches your overall body by gently taking away the pain.

  1. Increased Focus & Energy

Yoga helps in increasing the energy levels in the body. All the yoga trainers in the world feel even more boosted post every yoga session. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the asanas help release happy endorphins. The renewed energy and focus is a great way to lead an optimistic life.

  1. Yoga Improves Bone Health

Yoga helps in bone health as it increases the overall mobility for your body. Since men are more into rigorous activities, the chances of bone weakening could be higher. But, when there’s yoga, you can be laid-back.

It reduces the risk of bone injuries. The trick here is to not try hard as flexibility comes with time. A good yoga practises should be viewed as a life-changing experience and not a sprint.

Now, don’t wait more and put yourself for a holistic Kundalini yoga teacher training session so you can start slow and eventually get into advanced holistic yoga which will further help your well-being. These reasons should be convincing enough that there’s nothing dainty about yoga and, to be honest, men doing yoga can actually garner a lot of attention and benefits of doing yoga for men is incredible. Give it a nod and experience bliss!


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