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Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing the Best Quality Yoga Clothes

Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of activity over the past few decades. The practice originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. It made its way into Western culture in the late 1800s, when Indian monks started sharing their knowledge of the practice to the Western world.

For those familiar with the practice, you’ll know that by achieving its ultimate goal of body harmony. You have to work your way through a variety of intense stretches and poses.

Read this for more information on the origin and history of yoga.

Achieving the perfect Lotus position or Sun salutation can be quite difficult when you aren’t wearing the right attire. Fiddling around with uncomfortable clothing that you have to constantly pull up. Or wearing pants that’s way too tight will restrict your movements and hinder you from reaching your body’s ultimate stretch.

You’ll be surprised at the design technologies that go into creating the perfect yoga wear for ultimate movability and comfort. No matter what type of yoga you decide to practice, you are going to need the perfect clothing for the class.


Even though the color and style will depend completely on your personal preference, there are a few key factors that have to be present in the clothing design.

yoga coaching bali

Here is a list of factors you have to consider:


Because Yoga is all about connecting your mind, body, and soul, it’s vital that your clothing is extremely comfortable. As you get attuned to your body, the last thing you want to be bothered by is anything scratchy, too tight, or too saggy.

You need to feel comfortable in your clothing in order for your focus to be on the movements. Not on pulling a stretched-out waistband up after every movement.


If you’ve ever tried jumping and moving around in really tight jeans, then you know that it’s impossible to move around in pants that are made from stiff fabric.

Fabric used in the manufacturing of yoga-specific exercise wear is nylon, spandex, and polyester. Typically, a blend of the three to provide breathability, flexibility, and comfort. Avoid cotton, as it absorbs and holds moisture – not a fun sensation when you’re working up a sweat.

For this reason, apparel companies have taken it to the next level creating yoga-inspired clothing by Om and Ah, that you can wear at home too. Creating the ultimate comfortable fabric experience not only when you’re practicing, but also when you’re at home.

Furthermore, fabrics shouldn’t be see-through or too thin. You wouldn’t want your underwear shining through with each bend. Check whether the fabric is thin enough to breath, but not thin enough that it doesn’t provide coverage.


This Indian practice might look mediocre compared to other exercising methods, but be sure that you will work up a decent sweat. Hot yoga will have you sweating from places you didn’t know can sweat.

It’s therefore important that your attire is breathable, even moisture controlling too. Find pants and tops with cutouts, mesh, and soft breathable fabrics.


You’ll be lunging, reaching, stretching, and bending in all kinds of directions. That’s why your yoga pants shouldn’t be restrictive. Spandex of at least 15% should be present in the fabric design to allow the ultimate stretch.

Different Pieces

The great thing about yoga attire, is that it’s found in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. Giving you expressive freedom through your active wear.

LEGGINGS: Pants/Leggings are designed in different lengths and fit. Ranging from three-quarter length to full length. And loose fitted to tight fitted.

Depending on the type of class you’ll be taking you can change between loose-fitted and tight-fitted pants. When you do an advanced class with loose-fitted pants, it might be distracting, opt for a pant that has a kind of cinch or elastic around the ankle. Learn more about different classes and what to wear here:

If you feel comfortable in shorts then you’ll find lengths from right underneath the buttocks to above the knee. Especially for hot classes, these are pretty great. Men have a built-in liner for extra comfortability.

For extra comfort choose a high-waisted pant, that won’t slip down during poses. Remember to look for spandex, nylon, and polyester blends within pants, as it provides the ultimate breathability and comfort.

TOPS AND JACKETS: The most important aspect is that the top doesn’t fall over your head when you are in a downward dog position. It should be fitted to your body without chafing and itching. Cutouts on tops are great for extra breathability. A light sweatshirt or cover-up is perfect for staying warm after class.

You can wear a sports bra and yoga socks with the rest of your ensemble.

By considering all the above factors, you’ll be able to purchase the perfect outfit for your next yoga class.

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