Introducing Girlfriend Collective: Sustainability for Every Body

Introducing Girlfriend Collective: Sustainability for Every Body

Introducing Girlfriend Collective: Sustainability for Every Body

We are so excited to have Girlfriend Collective on board as part of the Yogamatters family. The brand creates beautiful clothing that is both sustainable, functional and comes in a large range of sizes, which is all something that we can get behind. At Yogamatters we truly believe that yoga is for every body and Girlfriend Collective’s range will have you stepping on to your mat feeling confident and supported.  

How it all began: Free leggings for everyone

Girlfriend Collective is well known for how they spread the word about their first pair of black leggings, by giving away free leggings to anyone, you’d just have to pay the shipping cost. Girlfriend Collective believed in their brand, the quality of the product and in the commitment to the eternal quest of finding that perfect pair of black leggings, that we all know so well. The brand built a reputation by word of mouth on social media, where everyone who received the leggings were ecstatic about the product and shared pictures and reviews. Soon after the brand launched their first collection of colours and since then they have continued to build on their connection with the customer through transparency in all that they do and of course, beautiful clothes on a range of beautifully diverse women. 

Sustainability for every body

Girlfriend Collective’s collection is made using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are shredded and then processed to produce the yarn that eventually creates the clothing, so for each pair of leggings, 25 bottles are recycled. Sustainability is important to the brand, but alongside that their clothes are available in a large range of sizes. The brand is well-known for their simple capsule collection of leggings and crops which they produce in a range of gorgeous block colours. 

Building a community 

Girlfriend Collective is passionate about building a community that shares their values, so when investing in a pair of their leggings you are also becoming a part of a group of individuals who trust in the brand and celebrate making a conscious effort to create better choices within the fashion industry. At Yogamatters, we are excited to be a part of that community.

When we launched our own first Yogamatters Eco Clothing Collection in December 2019, made from Organic Cotton and available in sizes 6-24, we knew that diversity and inclusivity, comfort and sustainability were our top priorities. So we feel that Girlfriend Collective is a perfect match for Yogamatters and we are very excited to welcome them on the site.

Shop Girlfriend Collective here. 


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