Meet our Brands: Aery

Meet our Brands: Aery – Yogamatters Blog

Meet our Brands: Aery

Tell us a little bit about who and what is behind Aery?

We are small and independent design led brand based in the city of Bristol, UK and we are just over a year old.

Our mission is pretty simple really, it’s to make beautiful scents with stylish minimal design and sustainable ingredients with a well-being focus. Never before has there been a greater need to consider our wellbeing and place equal importance on it, as we would any other aspect of life. Our blends of essential oils and natural fragrances are there to help to cut through the haze and help clear the mind.

What makes you unique as a brand and as a business? 

aery-yogamattersWe set out to try and be as sustainable and eco conscious as we could from the start. We use 100% soy wax from sustainable European-grown soy for an eco-friendly, clean burn with lead-free cotton wicks. Our candles are petroleum-free, GMO free, cruelty-free and 100% Vegan and all our products are plastic free as well as using FSC, recycled and fully recyclable packaging.

What does the future look like for Aery?

We are excited to be moving into new premises in the centre of Bristol in a few weeks time and we have lots of exciting new fragrances and products we have developed in the pipeline for release this autumn. Other plans include making our products even more sustainable and exploring some new wellness product concepts.

What is your own personal favourite product?

I have a few favourite fragrances such as our ‘Heavily Meditated’ Candle which is so calming and yet at the same time uplifting. People love the fragrance and they also love the fun play on words and I am proud to say we won an industry ward for this range for best home fragrance in our first year.

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