Meet our Brands: &SISTERS

Meet our Brands: &SISTERS – Yogamatters Blog

Meet our Brands: &SISTERS

Tell us a little bit about who and what is behind &SISTERS?

&sisters-yogamatters&SISTERS is a feminine care company with a conscience. Started by daughter-mother duo Lucy and Claire, we are ethically and socially conscious and aim to educate women in making positive choices that are better for their bodies, our planet and for womankind.

What makes you unique as a brand and as a business?

Firstly, we are a brand made by women, for women, so we really understand their needs, demands and concerns. Unlike many other mainstream period products, all of our products are made from 100% Soil Association Certified organic cotton and are free from harmful chemicals, plastics and other nasties. Our cotton products are 100% compostable and biodegradable. When you think that the average women use over 10,000 tampons in their lifetime this is a serious amount of waste! So, we believe by educating women and giving them the all the facts, we can implement positive environmental change.

What does the future look like for &SISTERS?

&sisters-yogamattersThe future looks bright for &SISTERS, if the past two years are anything to go by! We have some very exciting plans in the works. From a brand development perspective, we’re looking to evolve into a broader women’s health and wellness destination. We see this happening firstly through consolidation of our products as a period care brand, and then moving into sexual wellness and broadening our horizons into other product categories.

What is your own personal favourite product?

That’s a tough question, as what I really love is how diverse our product range is…there’s a product for every flow/absorbency. Saying that we have recently launched our paper wrapped naked tamponâ range which we are really proud of. They are not only 100% Soil Association certified organic cotton but we have switched out our PP5 wrapper for a recyclable paper wrapper instead. We sell them in three absorbencies; light, medium & heavy and the paper is branded in beautiful pastel colours to look even more gorgeous, especially when out on show in your bathroom!

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