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The Latest Trends in Yoga Coach Training in Bali

If you’ve been a long-time yoga enthusiast, you’re certainly aware of the benefits that it brought to your life. Now, you want to share this with others.

What better way to expand your love for yoga by becoming a yoga instructor? Even if one day, you may never intend to take teaching seriously, taking up a yoga instructor course still creates life-transforming effects for you.

yoga coaching bali

But, where and how do you begin this journey? Where else, but in the place where yoga retreats are best practiced – in peaceful Bali, Indonesia.

In the yoga coach training in Bali, you’re guaranteed to learn the latest trends, such as the following:

1. Private, Small Groups For Better Class Learning

Yoga coach training sessions in Bali are limited to small groups. This is different from the Western world, where so-called rockstar yoga coaches, or so they claim, are having sessions in public with so many participants. This defeats the purpose of yoga.

As a future yoga instructor, it would help if you remembered that yoga is meant to be kept peaceful and serene. If you’re in a yoga coach training that passionately pursues publicity, then you’re in the wrong place. Guaranteed, in Bali, such as this Bali hatha yoga teacher training program, you’re in for the classic, ancient, private, and smaller groups.

Learn more about the authenticity of yoga coach training sessions in Bali through this video:

2. Requirement For A Yoga-Alliance Certification

One of the telltale signs to know that your yoga coach training is a valid and legal one is that it has a Yoga Alliance certification. The Yoga Alliance is the body that sets the standards for what a teacher program should contain.

Thus, when browsing through a  Bali yoga retreat, look for this certification, or a similar one. Else, you may not qualify for any form of professional insurance.

3. Lesser Need For Expensive Props

When you’re off to Bali, you’re in it for the real thing. This means yoga at its most authentic and simplest forms.

In the yoga teacher training, it’s also given importance to highlight how unnecessary it is to have expensive props. This is becoming a trend in these real and authentic training sessions in Bali. Meanwhile, others claim that having expensive accessories is a must.

For instance, you may come across an instructor that encourages how a block of Koa wood, which is expensive, is the best. If you want to be a yoga coach that aims for authenticity and quality, you’d know that a cinder block, when necessary, works just as well, too.

4. Teaching Anatomy

If you think that going into a yoga coach training is all about doing yoga stretches and positions the whole day, then you’re wrong. There’s going to be a lot of sit-down sessions and classes, too. One of the latest trends is a highlight on the importance of teaching anatomy.

As a future yoga coach, a solid understanding of human anatomy will give you an edge. That way, you’re able to provide a more personalized approach to each of your clients.

Take note that no two yoga students are the same. Some may have recently undergone surgery. Some are physically heavier than others. You may also have to adjust to the elderly population, compared to dealing with the youngsters.

When you understand anatomy, you can better select and tweak which yoga stretches and exercises work best for a particular student.

5. Emphasis On Learning How To Properly Clean The Studio

Yes, in coach training programs in Bali, you’ll learn how to clean your studio as well. This isn’t only going to be focused on cleaning per se. But, it’s also learning how to keep the studio clean, while maintaining its natural vibe as best as possible.

This begins with learning how to use and create more natural cleaners or use scents that are suited for relaxation. That way, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself too much with a studio smelling off like fresh bleach. For serious yoga-goers, this might be a red flag for them.

Maintaining cleanliness is very important when you become a yoga instructor. Take note that shared spaces, mats, and even sweat is enough to be a breeding ground of bacteria. Thus, when you want to foster peace and serenity in your studio, you want to ensure that your students stay healthy while receiving the benefits of yoga.


If you’re feeling lost amidst all the options available to you, this list of trends in yoga coach training is an excellent place to start.

Bali may be small, but retreats are abundant. You only need to filter out your options based on the possible retreat locations that you think meet and gives you skill and knowledge on these latest trends.

When you’ve found the one that offers this, all that’s left for you to do is to head out to Bali and have the best relaxing time filled with learning and peace.


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